About Us

My father started doing business in pottery industry twenty years ago. He went to Binh Duong to buy pots, jars and took it to Saigon to sell for some foreigners. After many years he studied, studied and studied from factories that he bought goods, he opened a small pottery factory. He also met a man come from New Zealand in Saigon when my dad took some goods to a shop in Saigon. He bought some ceramic Dragon statues and he said that if one months later he come back Vietnam, he will order a container from my father. And my dad's career developed from that day.
But unfortunately, 2003 everything come down and 2004 my father had to close his factory.
2006, i finished Marketing University. I really had two choice for our life. One i go to work for a foreign company. Two i start again with pottery. I selected potteries, my father's life for my career.
Thanks God, he gave me faith, perseverance during time from 2006 to 2008. I lost two years for first export order. Then, i have been working hard every day with trust in God that he will help me regenerate our family's company.
And the success come with us. Until now we are exporting more than 100 containers per year to The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England, Denmark, France.
We still work hard every days for our development to meet customers demand better. With us, each customer is a gift from God. So we will work hard to meet your demands best.
Finally, i would like to say thanks to my lovely father, he always besides and help me with all his ability for my career. Many thanks to all my customers for trusting me and give me best chances. Thanks so much to God for all!
Thien Y Pottery Company